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05 August 2009 @ 02:03 am
From Twitter 08-04-2009  

  • 11:23:01: wow so many filming pics of GG, already got over 300 HQs :)
  • 12:20:05: @aroa86 I know :( It always says "posting quick reply", then nothing happens but at least my post is there
  • 14:55:39: for 1.5 weeks I am now working on one single page for print in my internship. why? cause they don´t know what they want!!!
  • 17:37:14: AnnaLynne, JessicaS, Shenae, Jennie, Ryan, Tristan & Matt @ TCAs
  • 18:03:24: @andrea82086 Which Matt do you mean? LOL
  • 18:11:48: @andrea82086 I wish there were more pics of him from yesterday :(

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